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The only source to obtain brand registered UPC barcodes with personal support from a GS1 consultant. As the global barcode provider, we create over 2 million barcode files every year.

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Since the inception of the UPC, we have been the US Authority on Barcodes and GTIN Implementation


Personal Support

One year of personal support from assigned certified GS1 barcode consultant


GTIN.cloud® Subscription

Central repository for managing GTIN assignments, product data, and online images

Immediate Delivery

GTIN assignments and barcodes are provided immediately after licensing payment


Retailers Requiring Brand Verifiable UPCs

The Following Are Just a Few of The Retailers Requiring Brand Verifiable UPCs


GS1 UPC Barcodes Uniquely Identify Your Products to Your Brand

Sell Globally to Every Store & Marketplace

Retailers and online marketplaces require suppliers to provide UPC barcodes uniquely licensed to their brand. Having a unique GS1 Company Prefix and/or GTIN licensed to your company and brand empowers your products to be sold globally.

Many online marketplaces and retailers (i.e., Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Kroger) validate their suppliers’ prefixes to verify UPCs licensing correlates with each specific brand.

Frequently asked questions.


As the US authority on barcodes, the GS1 barcode service fee covers creating the barcodes, management of the UPC product data, and one year of comprehensive personal support. GS1 is part of the global standards identification agency that solely licenses GS1 Company Prefixes and GTINs. Please note that GS1 does not provide ANY refunds, so that is why our consultants help from the onset.

UPC company prefixes are generated immediately. You will receive your prefix as soon as you complete your application and pay for your licensing. Digital .eps barcode files customized to your needs can then be immediately generated.

No. GS1 only provides Company Prefixes and individual GTIN assignments, which we use to create your barcodes. The scope of their assistance is solely for member support for renewals and educational classes.

Be very wary of websites offering cheap UPC barcodes. Purchasing UPC numbers from another company goes against the global standards used by most retailers, distributors, hospitals and online marketplaces (i.e. Amazon). The companies who solicit these cheap UPC barcodes are providing their clients UPCs with a common GS1 Prefix instead of uniquely branded prefix. This becomes a problem for retailers because it can limit where you can sell your products. Unless you’re selling on your own site without any intention of selling nationally or globally, it’s best to stay away from choices that can limit your reach.

GTIN.cloud® is the global repository members use for managing GTIN assignments and creating .eps barcode images. Since GTINs cannot be reused, our GS1 barcode consultants validate UPC Product Data for accuracy prior to publishing.


"NASCO began the process of setting up UPC’s for our products and really had no idea what we were doing. I worked with Lucy and with her team to begin the process. She was there every step of the way to offer her assistance, guidance and best practices. When it came time to start assigning, she worked diligently to make sure all the details were correct. Since then, we have renewed our program twice and it has been a very simple process going forward. I can’t imagine how we would have completed this project without the help that Lucy provided."

Andrew Wirts

Sales & Marketing Director | NASCO Industries, Inc.

"Bar Code Graphics, and Lucy Jung in particular, has practiced deep knowledge, expertise and commitment to customer service which has made execution for us simple and efficient, which is particularly vital for a brand like ours which is constantly developing and launching new products."

Paul White

Wicked Kitchen

"I have appreciated the service, ease, and professionalism provided by Bar Code Graphics, and my service representative, Lucy - all are top-notch!"

Mona Quintanilla

ROX by Tori and Mo

“Bar Code Graphics is quick, efficient, and addresses all of our needs! Our representative, Lucy, is always prompt in responding to our requests and ready to answer any questions we may have for her.”

Gabe Hernandez

Sr. Supply Chain Analyst, Retail | Ro

"The Bar Code Graphics team has been extremely helpful in guiding our company through the whole GTIN and UPC process, making it as simple and efficient as possible!"

Don K

Crescent Distributions NC LLC.


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