Check Digit Calculator for GS1 Identifiers

The last digit of every type of GS1 identifier is a calculated check digit. In order to ensure that all of the previous data was correctly decoded by a scanner, the calculated check digit prevents errors and misreads. The technical name for the check digit is modulo 10 but we have created the following calculators below to calculate the respective check digit for each type of GTIN.

GS1 Barcode Consultants are Here To Help!

Since businesses are constantly changing and hopefully growing, each company's barcode needs should be periodically reviewed. The GS1 GTIN standards are complex and cover various identification situations.  GS1 consultants are available to assist with real issues that commonly come up.

  • Existing companies adding new items or variations to market.
  • Companies beginning to sell products in different countries
  • Managing products that have promotions
  • Alterations to current products or product packaging
  • Companies required to provide cases/pallets to trading partners

GTINs - Barcodes -® - Personal Support

We Provide More Than Just Barcodes!

Access to® enables members to completely manage their GTIN assignments, create high-resolution barcodes, and control their associated product data.

More importantly, an assigned personal GS1 Barcode consultant will not only assist with any and all questions but will validate information BEFORE publishing.