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GS1 Barcode Service FAQ's

Why are there two fees required for the GS1 Barcode Service?

As the US authority on barcodes, the GS1 barcode service fee covers creating the barcodes, management of the GTIN data, and one year of comprehensive personal support. GS1 is part of the global standards identification agency that solely licenses GS1 Company Prefixes and GTINs. Please note that GS1 does not provide ANY refunds, so that is why our consultants help from the onset.

How soon can I get my barcodes?

Upon checkout, your GTIN.cloud® account will automatically be established and this will be the portal for you to manage your GTIN assignments and create your barcodes. After GS1 licensing payment is made, you will immediately receive either your single GTINs or unique licensed Company Prefix. Once you enter the information into GTIN.cloud®, you can immediately download your high quality barcode files.

What does my assigned GS1 Barcode Consultant actually do?

Immediately after establishing an account on GTIN.cloud®, you will be assigned a personal consultant (during normal business hours). Your consultant can personally walk you through the remainder of the application process. They are also available to answer questions about how to assign GTINs and make carton barcodes. After you enter the UPC product information on GTIN.cloud® for each assigned GTIN (UPC), your consultant will personally validate that the information is correct BEFORE publishing. Once a GTIN is published, it cannot be reused or re-assigned so it is imperative to get this done right the first time!

Your GS1 Barcode consultant will be available to review your needs periodically throughout the year as your company grows and adds/changes products.

How do I share my Company Prefix Certificate?

GS1 issues a formal Company Prefix Certificate when you initially sign up. You will upload the certificate on GTIN.cloud® and it will then be automatically associated with each of your assigned GTINs. During lookups on GTIN.cloud®, both your UPC product information and associated certificate will be displayed. Upon GS1 license renewal, your company will be provided an updated certificate which you will then upload to GTIN.cloud®.

Can additional people at my company have access to GTIN.cloud®?

GTIN.cloud® allows multiple contacts within a company to have access and manage GTINs. One of the shortcomings of GS1's tools is that they charge extra for additional users.

If my company already has a UPC Company Prefix, what should I do?

Although most companies first sign up with the GS1 Service and establish their GTIN.cloud® account, you can still sign up for the GS1 Support Services. GS1 does not provide the actual barcodes or assist with assignments. The scope of what they provide and support is solely to help companies licenses numbers. They offer educational classes, in lieu of GS1 Barcode Support. To establish your GTIN.cloud® account, get the actual barcodes and support, please click here and select the appropriate subscription that matches the company prefix you licensed.

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We Provide More Than Just Barcodes!

Access to GTIN.cloud® enables members to completely manage their GTIN assignments, create high-resolution barcodes, and control their associated product data.

More importantly, an assigned personal GS1 Barcode consultant will not only assist with any and all questions but will validate information BEFORE publishing.