Placing Barcodes on Products

Once a GTIN is assigned and product data is entered, a barcode symbol needs to be created and included on product packaging. In most cases, the barcode symbol is included directly on the package, but barcoded labels can also be used as an alternative. There are some important variables to factor when placing a barcode on a product because barcodes are useless IF they cannot be scanned.

If the packaging has not yet been printed, the four essential factors for placing barcodes on products are as follows.

Barcode Origination - The actual barcode file

For your original barcode to be successfully scanned, it must be accurate. A barcode that appears to be fine but cannot be scanned may be the result of using the wrong file type, such as.png. To make digital barcodes, vector drawings such as .EPS and .EMF (Microsoft) should be used. Visit for further details.

A necessary component is Bar Width Adjustment which is a feature of EPS barcode artwork. Digital files (original artwork) must include a bar width adjustment factor to accommodate for bar growth/reduction during the printing process. If this component is not there, the bars in a barcode will increase excessively, resulting in a poorly written symbol.

Determining the correct UPC Barcode Sizing

UPC barcodes have a fixed width and height dimension range. The limits of the scanners used to read UPCs, as well as the printing technologies used to make them, define the minimum size dimension. Smaller barcodes have tighter print tolerances and are more difficult to read by scanners.

Access to a personal barcode expert who will aid in choosing the correct barcode size and providing the .eps barcode files is included with the GS1 Barcode Service. It is fairly usual for new businesses to change the size of their barcodes only to discover that they are being penalized for having non-compliant barcodes.

Placement on Packaging

A multitude of variables can contribute to placement issues. The GS1 General Specification includes exact suggestions for the placement of UPC barcodes on the majority of objects and packaging. The document is really thorough. You may check it out by clicking here.

Our certified barcode specialists are well-versed in GS1 requirements and assist clients with similar inquiries on a daily basis.

Barcode Color Combinations

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