GS1 Barcode Service Pricing

The total fee includes the licensed Company Prefix, the actual barcodes (.eps digital files), management of the UPC (GTIN) product data, and one year of comprehensive personal support by a GS1 Barcode Consultant. The global standards agency solely licenses Company Prefixes and does not provide assignment support. A subscription to® (central repository for managing GTIN assignments, product data, prefix certificates, and online images) is also included.

Number of

UPC Prefix


.EPS Digital

Total Cost*


10 files



100 files



1,000 files



10,000 files



100,000 files


*Total costs include GS1 UPC Barcode Service fee and Prefix License fee.

Single GS1 GTIN Barcodes - Option for Small Businesses

For companies with only a few products that need barcodes, single GS1 GTIN barcodes are a great option to quickly list their products for sale. Like a UPC Company Prefix, single GTIN barcodes are licensed to your brand and enable you to sell your products globally.

Companies who initially obtain GS1 GTIN barcodes can add additional GTINs as well as license a Company Prefix as they grow. There is no annual renewal fee for a GS1 GTIN barcode(s) and lifetime access to® is provided.

Note: Single GS1 GTIN barcodes are not available to identify medical devices, pharmaceutical products, variable measure products, mixed cases, or to create coupons.

Calculate Single GS1 GTIN Barcode Fees