® – The Repository for UPC Product Data

A UPC (GTIN) is simply a unique numeric identifier that corresponds to a particular product and brand. Whereas the UPC-A barcode symbol only encodes the UPC (GTIN) numbers, the actual product data details reside in proprietary databases. The® is the sole source repository that enables manufacturers to assign and manage their UPC assignments. Unlike other "databases", UPC product data within® can be exported to other data resources, such as GS1 Data Hub, Amazon, and Google Merchant center.

The GTIN management function enables companies to assign and activate their GS1 GTINs, associate product data attributes, upload image links, and create digital .eps (printer-ready) barcode files. All entered UPC product data is personally validated by an assigned GS1 barcode consultant before a UPC is published. Since GS1 prohibits the reuse of GTINs, it is imperative that UPC identification and product information are done correctly the first time.

Frequently asked questions.

Despite what you might see from an internet search, there is not currently a single recognized global UPC database. Unfortunately, there are numerous online websites that incorrectly claim to be authorized databases and they provide non-validated information.
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The significant benefits of the® repository are the company (brand owner) has complete control of all product data associated with their GTINs and all information is validated by a consultant prior to publishing.

The short answer is No. However, it is included as part of the GS1 licensing membership so there is no downside. Right now the DataHub tool does not technically share any UPC data and potential trading partners do not use it to discover products.

GS1 does have a future initiative called "Verified By GS1" with the hope that companies will be able to search GTINs for GS1 validity. This future program involves including detailed and structured product data and® is already collecting and validating these fields for future DataHub imports.

Comparison of Functionalities:® vs DataHub® DataHub
Manage GTIN-12 (UPCs) Yes Yes
Manage GTIN-14 (case markings) Yes Yes
Create barcode files (printer-ready) Yes No
Allow Multiple Users Yes $500 add-on
Export GTINs to Other Databases Yes $4500 add-on
Human Validation of Entered Data Yes No

Organizations, such as Google and Amazon, have specific non-standardized GTIN data requirements and specific mandatory information will vary by product category.® can export all standardized formatted data so companies can furnish specific data files to each of their trading partners.

An annual subscription to® is automatically included with our GS1 Barcode Service and Support programs. Due to the importance of human-validated UPC product data, both GTIN assignments and corresponding data are personally reviewed by our GS1 Barcode consultants.