GS1 Barcode Support -® Subscriptions

As the comprehensive UPC Product Data Management portal,® is the online resource where manufacturers upload their UPC product information and image links. The GTIN management function enables companies to assign and activate their GS1 GTINs, associate product data attributes, upload image links and create digital .eps barcode files. Both existing GS1 Barcode Service/Support clients and new companies who currently have a UPC Company Prefix can select from the subscription options below.

Submitted UPC product data is personally validated by an assigned GS1 barcode consultant BEFORE UPCs are published. All GS1 Cloud subscriptions include a year of comprehensive personal GS1 barcode support. The GS1 Support Service fee is based on the total number of items available with your Company Prefix. To proceed, click on the appropriate

Manage and Assign All GTIN-12s & GTIN-14s
Data Can Be Export to Other Repositories
1 Year of Comprehensive Personal Support With Product Attribute Validation
Credit For: Digital Barcode Files | Barcode Testing

Select Subscription to Match Your Existing Prefix

Number of Items

UPC Prefix Length® Fee

Included Credit


10 digits




9 digits




8 digits




7 digits




6 digits


$2,000® & GS1 Barcode Support


Ever since the first product needed a barcode, Bar Code Graphics has been assisting companies with all aspects of their creation and implementation. As the authority on barcode creation and print quality, we have directly or indirectly touched most suppliers in the major retail stores.

Provides UPC Product Data Management for companies who already have a brand-assigned GS1 Company Prefix. GTIN data can be exported to other registries, including the GS1 Data Hub. Comprehensive personal support by one of our GS1 Barcode Consultants is also included for 1 year.

To speak with a GTIN support representative please call 888-540-6885.