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Authentic UPC Barcodes For Small & Larger Companies

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In today’s global marketplace retailers, wholesalers, and online marketplaces require a unique identifier to be assigned for every product. For the United States, this product identifier is the UPC barcode (GTIN-12). UPCs can consist of two primary components: a U.P.C. Company Prefix and a Product Number (left image above) or can be a GTIN assigned to the company for the specific product (right image above).

Obtaining and implementing UPC barcodes for your products is an easy and guided process.

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  • Step 4: Work with Consultant to Assign Unique Product Numbers
  • Step 5: Obtain Accurate Digital UPC barcodes for Each Item
  • Step 6: Manage and Validate UPC Product Data on

The GS1 Barcode Service includes precise digital barcode files (.eps) and an assigned certified consultant to assist with every step.

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